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i_see_twilight's Journal

Twilight is everywhere
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Pictures of day to day sightings that make you think, 'OMG Twilight!'
Welcome to I See Twilight. A picspam community for everyday sightings of Twilight.

If you are obsessed with the Twilight series, then chances are your heart skips a beat when you see a silver Volvo or a yellow Porsche. Or maybe you squee aloud when you spot a Carlisle Avenue, an Alice's Dance Studio or maybe even a Jacob's Auto Repair. Have you stumbled upon a perfect spot in the woods that could be Edward and Bella's meadow? I bet it's happened to you.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is the next time you see something that makes you think of Twilight, take a picture and post it here. It might be tricky, you might be with someone who does not share your obsession and you'll have to take the picture on the sly so you don't have to explain why you are taking a picture of a street sign. :) Don't worry if it isn't artistic or of the best angle, hopefully though it will be close enough that we can see the subject in question. If the Twilight connection is only obvious to you, that's okay, explain it to us.

The Fine Print is simple

1. Join to post.
2. You must have taken the photograph yourself or actually know the person who did.
3. One subject per post, unless they are in the same picture.
4. Post one picture outside an lj cut and if you have more related pictures put them under the cut.
5. Describe why it is a Twilight sighting if it isn't obvious. And if you can get long winded (like Stephenie Meyer ;)) put it under an lj cut.
6. If you are not adverse to mentioning it, tell us where your picture was taken, the town and the state/country, just because it would be fun.
7. No manips or touch ups. Pictures should be as is.
8. You don't have to tag your entries for now, we'll see how it goes.
9. Have fun and don't take pictures while driving! I tried, it's not a good idea.

Lovely header by carpenyx.

Your friendly mods are nebakanezer and carpenyx. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Don't forget to have those cameras and cell phones handy. You never know when you'll have a 'Twilight moment'.

Click the map and add your location.

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