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17 October 2008 @ 09:12 pm
Twilight name plates  
So I went out to lunch today at this place called Park Farm and they have a small garden centre and I mean small, it's really only a farm shop and then some garden stuff outside. Anyway after lunch while my mum and my sister and the little girl my mum looks after (she's a childminder) were looking round I spotted some name plates, like license plates for your car, except I guess you could use these for your door or something, anyway as usual I always try and look for a 'Lindsey' one spelt that way as it's my name, and I always look for Rachael one as well again spelt that way for my sister (her name) but I hardly ever find them. But while I was looking for our names I spotted some Twilight names, and I know you're bound to spot these names all the time as they're probably common, although I'm still on the look out for Rosalie, Emmett, Esme and Carlisle. Anyway guess what names happened to jump out at me. Alice, Edward, Jacob, Leah, Sam, James, Jessica... I took photo's, but I couldn't take ones of Jessica or Sam as I didn't have time.

Anyway I thought I would share them, and seen as there's hardly any mention of Sam, Jacob, James or Leah or Charlie I thought I would take pictures of them especially. I'm making it my mission to find the other names. Oh and I found Charlie, can't forget dear old Charlie.
When I took the photo of the Jacob one I actually didn't know there was one for James, it was underneath so I couldn't see it, but when I looked at the photo I noticed it underneath Jacob, which I thought was cool lol.

pictures under cut.


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d: T Emmett & Rose 'opposites attract'nebakanezer on October 18th, 2008 03:13 pm (UTC)
Leah never gets enough love so I'm glad you gave her the attention she deserves :) I have been keeping my eyes out for those less common names too :P That's funny that you got James and didn't even know it, I noticed that in the picture before I read your comments. I bet Bella will start being more popular now and we'll see it more on things like this. Thanks for posting your fun pictures. :)
But what if I'm not the hero?: Colbyvintagememories on October 18th, 2008 10:43 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the moment I saw Leah I was like, ooh gotta take a pic of that for this comm. It's a shame I couldn't have taken one of Jessica, Sam or any of the others.

And I'm going to go around looking for the less common names lol, will ask someone in Clinton Cards or something 'Do you have a mug with Emmett on it' or 'Do you have one with Esme' and just say it's for my brother or cousin or something haha.

Next time I'm in a card shop I'll snap some pictures of some name stuff for some of the less snapped characters, if you get what I mean. I should make a list and then cross it off haha.
seeking valid reliefjoylessroots on December 31st, 2008 05:31 am (UTC)